Pig and Puffin

The World of Pig and Puffin

Meet Pig and Puffin, adventurers with a love for travel.

Pig doesn’t like to think about things too much. Pig just likes to do things. He jumps in trotters first and then worries about what he’s stood in later! Pig loves to travel because he loves new things… new people, new places, new flavours!

Puffin likes to be the best, the fastest and the loudest. She wants to see more places than anyone and get there faster than anyone.

Our new Pig & Puffin range has lots of puzzles to solve and pictures to colour in when Pig and Puffin visit the seaside or have adventures with the pirates.

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In 1 box:
50 A5 Booklets: 25 each of 2 titles -
Pig and Puffin at the Seaside and Pig and Puffin and the Pirates
50 multicoloured ‘Funky’ pencils

Price per box £35.60 plus VAT, free delivery

Subject to VAT. Prices include delivery to a mainland UK address (excluding the Highlands and islands). Measurements may vary slightly. For large orders contact us direct.

We also have a website to accompany the packs, which has games and puzzles for the kids. This can be found at www.pigandpuffin.com

Pig and Puffin activities

Colouring sheet for kids

Colouring sheet for kids