Integrated Cards

One of the specialities on the print side of our business is the use of integrated cards and labels, providing solutions for both simple and complex applications.

Membership cards for clubs and societies are a good example - whether large or small volume the production of cards with any sort of security feature can be a nightmare.

Our solution is to supply carrier sheets (typically A4 or A3) with an integrated card built in and available in 3 main styles:

Pop out cards - these provide the ability to laser personalise both sides of the card. The cards are then �popped out� from the carrier sheet and ready for use.

Butterfly cards - this style is where both faces of the card can be seen at the same time and personalised on a single pass through the laser. They are then peeled out from the carrier, folded back on each other and sealed into a double thickness card.

Peel out cards - these are ideal for applications where only the face of the cards needs to be personalised.

The carrier sheets and cards are printed to the clients own design and branding, incorporating sequential numbering or a barcode for security. The cards are laminated with a material that is both laser and signature compatible.

Other applications for integrated cards include:

Loyalty cards
Direct Mail campaigns
Helpline Cards
Permits and Passes

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Peel Out Cards