Bespoke Children's Activity Packs

Our first venture into the world of children’s activity packs was for a large UK hotel chain that was looking to drive forward their family leisure breaks offer and increase the foot fall in their restaurants.

We were conscious that the packs available for children at the time were dull, unimaginative and generally the same every time you visited a hotel or restaurant – there was never any variety.

»The idea of ‘Peter’s Pyramids’ was born

The concept behind Peter’s Pyramids was to create a range of fun packs/activity packs for children visiting hotels with their parents. The theme of the packs and the content would change every 3 months in order to produce the ‘nag factor’ from the children wanting to go back for the next in the series.

Learning while playing was an important factor when we designed the packs as was the interaction between the children and their parents in a leisure environment.

»This in turn led to the ‘Pudsey Cracker’ – a fundraising idea that we designed for BBC Children in Need, superbly promoted by Terry Wogan in what became known as his ‘Cracker Tour’. The result was in excess of £180,000.00 being raised for the charity.

»We were then approached by Children Nationwide who asked us to design an idea for them working in conjunction with the Covent Garden Soup Company.

‘The Culinary Adventures of Whisk & Spoon’ was the result – a recipe book with a difference aimed at children containing recipes from around the world. The basic theme of the book was the travels of Whisk & Spoon, our two culinary special agents, cooking everything from Italian Lentil Bolognaise to Australian Anzac Biscuits – all despite the efforts of a goblin intent on spoiling their fun.

»The next major contract was to design and supply the ‘secret drawer’ packs for the Alton Towers Hotel, a children’s wonderland if ever there was one. On their arrival at the hotel the children were given a postcard with a series of clues to help them find the packs which were hidden in a secret drawer in their bedroom.

»After this we supplied kid's packs to a large pub chain as well as being commissioned by a hotel at EuroDisney for packs to launch their children’s offer.

»We were contacted by Ordnance Survey to produce a children’s activity pack to promote a new range of Ordnance Survey Explorer maps.

The strategic challenge was to design an activity pack which would appeal to a fairly wide age range of children and keep them entertained on a journey or at home.

‘Out and about with Pig & Puffin’ was created and developed to include an illustrated story book, a board game based on the story and additional items to make and play.

To support the launch we built a children’s interactive website with games to play.

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