Project Analysis - Esky

The Objective

An accessible portal to deliver basic statutory training in an enjoyable format, including Online Food Hygiene and Health & Safety.


Detailed knowledge of the hotel and catering sectors in the UK made it clear that for both trainers and trainees alike, basic training in subjects such as food safety, health & safety and fire safety can be perceived to be quite boring and very wordy.

Strategic Challenge

Moving the delivery of basic training away from the classroom or the written word to an on-line environment which can be accessed from anywhere at any time of the day hence reducing substantially the cost of training for large & small companies alike.


The courses are not designed to be used by computer technicians! They are made to be easy and logical to use. Even someone with little or no computer literacy should be able to work their way around the course by following the on screen instructions.

With content audited by Environmental Health Officers, trainees and their supervisors can rest assured that it complies with industry standards.


An accessible package of learning without having to struggle – plenty of animated visuals and people talking through scenarios instead of having to read an excess of dull training material. Interactive puzzles enable the trainee to use their new knowledge to solve problems.

Flexibility - you don’t have to complete the whole course in one sitting – each person has an individual log in to the course and the computer will remember how much they’ve done.


Esky Screenshot

Online assessment

Esky Screenshot